Patient guide

Elara Medical Tourism Agency: Your Premier Health Partner in Turkey


Medical Consultation:

Our team of experienced medical professionals will have a one-on-one consultation with you. Here, we listen to your medical needs, offer guidance on the best treatments, and provide a transparent overview of what to expect in Turkey. By tailoring our approach to your unique needs, we set the foundation for a successful treatment journey.


Appointment Booking:

Once we understand your medical requirements, we leverage our partnerships with top-tier medical facilities to schedule your appointments. We ensure timings that suit your travel plans, so you can focus on preparing for your journey rather than juggling schedules.


Airport Reception:

Stepping off a plane in a foreign country can be daunting, especially when faced with potential language barriers. But with Elara, you're never alone. Our dedicated team, including a translator fluent in your language, awaits you. This ensures clear communication, comfort, and a smooth transition from your flight to your accommodation. With us, your first moments in Turkey will feel just like home.


Transfer to Hotel:

Relax as we handle your transportation to your chosen hotel. We've selected a range of comfortable accommodations, keeping in mind the proximity to medical facilities. Ensuring you rest well before your medical procedure is our utmost priority.


Hospital Visit:

When it’s time for your medical procedure, we accompany you to the hospital or clinic. Beyond just transportation, our team is there to provide support, answer any last-minute questions, and ensure everything goes smoothly.


Undergo Operation:

Turkey's medical facilities are on par with global standards. Under the care of experienced medical professionals and with our team by your side, you'll undergo your operation with the assurance of quality and safety.


Post-Operation Control:

Post-operative care is crucial for successful recovery. Our team remains on standby, coordinating with medical staff to monitor your recovery, ensuring everything is on track, and addressing any concerns that arise.